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joi, 19 iunie 2014

Why is it important for group members to be group-oriented?

For a group to function well, there are some rules, norms, communication and intra-group relations. We need to look for information regarding the internal group dynamic, that is its structure, socialization process and relationships among group members. A person who decides to become a member of a group must necessarily adapt to life in the group by subscribing to its values, norms and beliefs. 

Once the members have adopted similar values, practices and behaviours, there are four things that can change within the group: the sense of unity, the stability, the satisfaction and the internal dynamic. If members are not group-oriented we can find some friction issues inside the group like: hostility, isolation, rejection and being scapegoat for the group's problems. Group life involves making decisions together. The decision-making process varies among groups. 

They may be imposed by the authority, made by the group's authority and by a specialist. The group offers a framework to help members interpret their problems from a different standpoint. For some people belonging to a group allows them to adopt a more harmonious approach to daily problems. In times of crisis, some people find it easier to manage their emotions by being part of a group that provides plausible explanations for their problems and suffering. 

The group can respond to the individual's needs. Being group-oriented can help members to adapt better to stress or other vices.

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