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marți, 24 iunie 2014

Standard English

A variety of nonstandard English spoken by members of a regional, ethnic, or social group is called a(n) _____.
A tendency to apply a rule of grammar at all times is a type of _____.

Technical language from the workplace or specialized fields of knowledge is called _____.
In natural language acquisition, single words serve as complete sentences in the _____.

English that follows set rules regarding how the language should be used is called _____.
No one taught you Standard English. You acquired it naturally.
Second language learners have a harder time learning language than first language learners.
Making errors in language learning is a sign of progress.
Of the three regional dialects, General American is closest to Standard English.
Most people who have a regional dialect do not have a social or ethnic dialect.
The main differences among dialects are found in pronunciation and vocabulary.
Jargon and slang are both dialects; though not formal, they are considered Standard English.
Standard English helps people from different regions and backgrounds communicate.
A person's language use is considered a part of his conduct.
Only formal English is Standard English.

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