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vineri, 12 august 2016

Eternal life?!?

Spirituality holds a dominant place in your reality. This tells that you gain great achievements in advance, on earth as in the hereafter. This is a question of immortality and of immaterial abilities. Your greatness of mind is incredible and it will allow you to constantly evolve towards the light. You will conquer the physical world, because your existence does not belong to this world. The permanence of time will have no impact on you, for the heavenly path is the one that will raise you above everything. In this sense, clairvoyance and intuition will mean little to you because your influence after your death will be much greater. You will be protected against evil and you will be able to heal souls. Eternal life has been granted to you, simply because you believe in it and because you have chosen to access it. You are a brave soul and you will be rewarded hundredfold for your work on earth.