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miercuri, 18 iunie 2014

Critical and Empathic listening

Empathetic listening is an active listening whereby you repeat back to the person what you think of her/ him said. A way of evaluating is to ask the person how she/ he feels about a certain situation or perhaps to make a statement about how you believe the person really feels. Empathetic listening is characterized by a genuine desire to understand the words and feelings/ emotions of the messages communicated by other people. When we listen empathetically, we go beyond sympathy to seek the truer meaning of how other people feel. This requires excellent discrimination and close attention to the nuances of emotional signals.
In the critical type of listening evaluating occurs when you still want to understand what the other person is saying, but also have some reason of responsibility to evaluate what is being said to you and how it is being said. Through listening a certain message, you evaluate in a critical way, that is evaluating using your own system of morals. You actually judge and form an opinion, then you assess everything in an evaluation. This is a cognitive effort because you analyse what it is being said, relating it to existing knowledges and rules.

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