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vineri, 6 iunie 2014

A piece of .... help

clear sense of "we-ness", of togetherness; communication demonstrates a sense of intimacy (casual friendship)
Dyadic consciousness
relationship between two ppl, they begin to share their network of other communicators with each other
Network convergence
beauty and sexuality, erotic love
entertainment and excitement, not taken seriously, all about fun
peaceful and slow, lacks passion and intensity, companions
practical and traditional, family and background is important
elation and depression, extreme highs and extreme lows
compassionate and selfless, spiritual love, love without expecting reciprocation, loves even strangers
see themselves as blending of two persons in single couple, interdependent, mutual sharing, traditional sex roles
Traditional couple
stress their individuality, spends time with outside friends, engage in conflict openly
Independent couple
live together, but view relationship more as matter of convenience than a result of mutual love or closeness
Separate couple
relationship between two ppl that the partners see as their most important interpersonal relationship
Primary relationship

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