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duminică, 28 aprilie 2013


In the 10th house, Lilith is harmoniously supportive to a career in one of the literary fields; the arts; for inspirational work as in a ministry or related to it; and the occult. It is supportive in a profession where this one can express through the intellect, the creative imagination or as a healer. It has been found that many with a 10th house Lilith have strong psychic or mediumistic leanings, because when elevated & angular Lilith spreads the mantle of the unusual or the 'different' over the chart. The mundane or non-creative element in a lifework has no concrete existance for one with Lilith in the 10th, as there is nothing ordinary about Lilith that can long be tolerated. The position of Lilith in the 10th needs a vocational release that is somehow meaningful for more than simply material or superficial gratification. Nothing else will do. There ar, otherwise, frustrating denials or, at best, a continual nagging fear of never having a secure enough position or finding a vocation that is what they want or can hold onto. Within the ordinary, or when materialistically motivated, this one feels his position strangely threatened or never enough. On this level being denied, Lilith denies. The governing urge is strong, though they may deny it even to themselves. When selfishly motivated, justifiably or not, there are hidden feelings of career inadequacy, as if they are always in the wrong place. It sets up a tension others notice. Over-personalization of themselves in their work stifles recognition for it, which may be good work, but is nevertheless felt by superiors to crowd their authority. This crates in the superior, a subtle feeling or threat of being undermined by this one at some future date. This is not their intention, but in work where they have no creative outlet, this is the distinct impression they give & accounts for many problems with their employer. This one senses the wall of distrust or the growing hostility of the superior, that leaves him always needing proof of job security, his acceptance or recognition. It is a vicious cycle. It is one which is liable to erupt in incredible personality clashes, forcing them many times to settle for second best or be miserable in their work. Public or career orientation is strong ~ appearances to the contrary. Family duties are taken care of insofar as necessary, but one with Lilith in the 10th will use any excuse to 'get back to the office' so to speak. Even though the administrative talents may be superior, when personalities enter into it this one can suddenly project what strikes others as incredible immaturity, through becoming blinded to the situation as a result of allowing himself to become personally involved. This leaves the question open as to his or her competence. Until, or unless, this one can successfully depersonalize in the professional life; in other words, take an impersonal, intellectual or strictly creative approach which he critically needs, he cannot get nor can he give concrete satisfaction. His own personality insecurity with superiors, or as a superior, creates or draws impossibly strained atmosphere under which to work. Lilith frustrations are for positive effect, to move one into a work that is better suited to the talents & greater growth. Negative Lilithian energy moves the native out of what he is doing, onto a level he is much better working through ~ comfortable or not. Lilith's denials operate only along lines that are now outgrown, indicating that impersonalization is essential before the greater talents he most certainly has, can come forward. Many times this is through an unbelievably problem filled first career or job. Suffice to say that as impersonally demanding as Saturn is for material objectivity, so in like manner is Lilith impersonal & demanding of emotional objectivity. In this instance it is within vocational matters & professional relationships. This may sound cold & indifferent, but Lilith is indifferent & matures regardless of sentiment. Otherwise it destroys, distorts, cancels out or frustrates. When goals are intended in vocation for something with more meaning than simply making a living or a prestigious self serving mark in the world, something where the higher self can express, as through the literary; the arts; social-service fields; entertainment or invention, Lilith represents a dynamic success syndrome that brings the individual incredible satisfaction. The impersonality of Lilith in the 10th inspires those who think in terms of a creative or social contribution in what they do. It may be a teacher, writer, actor, school or stage director, minister, astrologer or as a sponsor of creative expression in others. It can take in the psychic, occult or parapsychology, as these are expressed from the sensitivity level rather than the personal. Be assured that these people have something meaningful to give, as Lilith is particularly strong in the 10th where it is accidentally dignified. For vocational rewards a career for the sake of more & more material gain, prestige or power alone will never satisfy you, no matter how outwardly successful you may appear. There is a restlessness, or always that nagging suspicion that you are being overlooked, or in danger of it. A lifework that challenges your mind; lets your creative juices flow; or uses your fertile imagination, is where you will find the particular benefits you desire. If a business oriented chart, motivation must be toward bettering a service given; delegating duties that bring out the mind or the creative force or initiative in your people; developing greater excellence if there is a product, keeping it honestly priced & conscientiously living up to claims made for the quality of what you offer. This is as opposed to quantity or profit. You must have come to terms with yourself as to compromises you may see around you or feel you must make for greater profits. Although acceptable business-wise, they are nevertheless improper in the ethical sense. Such businesses as book stores, art supply houses, or anything that supports the arty or creative demand or tastes, can be unusually successful. Service or artistic motivation, intellectual or imaginative release, or dealing with the unusual, makes the difference between success & failure in what you do. The parent of the same sex whose unusually strong personality (subtle or direct, depending on other factors in the chart); or the loss of or neglect from this parent; had powerful influence toward motivating you as a child toward later ambition to live up to an expectancy you felt to be more than you are. One with Lilith in the 10th must be more dedicated to the 'spirit' of his or her profession ~ its goals & ideals, or the intellectual, creative or spiritual growth from it he can express or bring out in others, rather than for selfish gain. Then he will find Lilith to be a dependable guide to success, both as a professional in what he does & as a socially contributing human being. Then he is often considered as an authority, unique or special in his field.

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