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marți, 30 aprilie 2013


The symbols of the Illuminati provide us with a unique teaching mechanism to explain our Craft. Each of our letters is fused to a series of numbers, and these numbers are further fused to a series of ciphers. One cannot know the value of any given number save for the contextual material which surround the letters. In this definition, "contextual material" includes the letters surrounding any given letter, definitions contained with the word within which a particular may be found, as well as symbols (Art) that may be codified with the letter.

If all of this sounds as if the Philosophy is "subjective" to the point that we can make anything appear as we wish, at the face of it, it could be said that you are right. We could walk away and you are no less rewarded for your effort.

One thing regarding knowledge. Those who have it have no need to give it to you, and those to whom it is given who prove to be detracting often find themselves receiving nothing.

Human nature is what it is, and since humanity is in a state of "triage", a decision must be made to rapidly ascertain who may benefit from an effort of intervention and who would not benefit from an effort to intervene. An elitist or Illuminist view would simply say that those who are awake have no responsibility for those who are asleep.

The Isisian Codes - The Primary Occult Code

Notice our APPLE.

Within the APPLE is found the FIVE pointed Star, set within the circle, which is Pi. Observe clear. Our Craft is established against the APPLE, and it is from the APPLE that we must eat if we are to ascertain the nature of the Gods and come to understand "good" and "evil".

Observe our Matrix.

Our "POLE" as defined by the Letters PLE of AP-PLE is established against the 9 and the 7, whose Letters stretch from the Letter A to the Letter P. This is the A-P Pole, or the APPLE.

Ours is a Craft of Scribes. Ours is knowledge contained in the Letters. We set our code down to AP and call it PA-PER. Our knowledge was hidden in the Egyptian upon a linen called PA-PI-R-US. The Philosophy is contained in a Matrix that stretches from P-A, is based on Pi. We are the progenitors of reason.

As our code shifts from P to Q, we re-order the Letters and place the place the Letters aright. B and R align as they should, being comprised of the same shape and fused with identical archetypal channels. C and S phonetically align, as do the Letters D and T, displaying as it were a model of hardness and softness.

Adam gives unto Eve a "rib", and the Letter P becomes devoid of the hook that emanates from the P to reveal R. E and U phonetically align, as to the labials F and V.

Now study the picture above. Do you see the FIVE pointed star next to the SIX pointed Star? Do you see the Circle contained in the 6 pointed star? Understand clear. The Letters FV make up the word FIVE, and yet the word FIVE is located in column number 6.

We must place the "FV" with the 6, and how to do we do that if we do not indeed have our A-P PLE? Pole that all things may be established against the 9 and the 7. The AP is the sequence from the A to P, and the PLE is the POLE. Crafted words as PA PY R US hint at the nature of the Code in play. We are the they who hid the Gods of A-P set against PI. We are the "true scribes" of Isis, of a Philosophy contained in SPEECH for ISIS is SPEECH.

Move now to column 8. What is this? The Letters H and X, from which we derive the roots to the word HX-A-GON(e). The Hexagon is a SIX sided figure, and the 8 reveals that:

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36 = 6 * 6 = SIX SQUARED FIGURE

Complain as one may, there are no errors. Everything is now perfected and arisen.

The Fin and the Salmon

You must distinguish between the "design" and the "use". How a symbol is used may be far removed from the design. Seek out the nature of the design.

Mankind is drowned.

Its purpose is to rise above the waves, to smell the fresh air of freedom and possess a vision of the Sun that has a clarity far removed from the distortions as a fish views same from the sea.

Those who have risen above the waves are said to be "illuminated". This is "FIN"ality. There is said to be a "reFINement", of "fulfilling one's purpose". It is as the Salmon, born clear fresh waters, makes its journey downstream and bravely immerses himself into the corruptions of Typhon and wanders about lost, only to wake again, comprehend its purpose, and seeks to return back to the clear waters from which it had its birth. This is true esoteric secret to the B-AP-Tism, for it is here that the AP reigns and it is here that one must be immersed in order to come to an understanding of the purpose of the design.

Only the strongest of the Salmon are able to venture from the clear waters of its birth, immerse itself into the foreboding world of Typhon lost to the Sun and its original home and, when the time comes for it to fulfill its purpose, it seeks out its source and, swimming against all currents (ignorance), arises again to fulfill its purpose.

It is a fitting fusing of Natures expression of sheer will and purpose to they who have ventured into the Seas of Typhon only to arise again above the waves.

The SALMON or SOLOMON reveal modifications and transpositions of the same. Those who are not of this mindset are simply reversed and called ANIMALS, or "unthinking beasts of the field". It is just how it is in far too many a secret society that has been provided a glimpse into the nature of the Construct.

The All Seeing Eye and the Numbers of the Sun

Seek after the nature of the design and not the usage of the design. The Serpent was wise indeed.

Genesis 3:14 (yes - Pi)

The LORD God said to the serpent,

"Because you have done this,
cursed are you above all livestock
and above all beasts of the field;
on your belly you shall go,
and(A) dust you shall eat
all the days of your life.

Understand clear now the secret to this tale. The beasts of the field are all souls who have no knowledge of the Construct and, going about their lives eating and sleeping, fail to comprehend "the" purpose, which is to seek after the nature of the design. The Serpent is the Osirian priest craft, which sought to give to humanity the Keys to the Construct.

One of these keys is found in the Dice and the Principle of Summation.

The Sum of 1:1 is 1
The Sum of 1:2 (1+2) is 3

The Sum of 1:11 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11 = 66

If you have a pair of "snake eyes" showing on the cubes of the dice, the instructions are to go to the belly, for there rests a pair of sixes.


The playing cards further hide the key.

The Ace is the A is the 1
The Jack is the J is the 10 (but the 11th card)
The King is the K is the 11


Go to the Belly of the Serpent (those numbers which would lie on the table as in a game of craps).

11011 = 66066

Now multiple.

11011 = 66066 = 6*6*10*6*6 = 12,960 Years.

Multiply this by 2 and you have 12960 X 2 = 25920

25920 is the "Great Year" as established by Plato. 12960 converts back to the Letter LIF and E, being silent, is summed from its placement at 5 to the 15th Letter, which is the Number 0 or the Letter O.

The key is that when you see a pair of "Snake Eyes" showing, you must "Go the Belly". This is true of the Magic Matrix of the Sun, where in every column and row and diagonal has a value of 111, and yet the total value of the sum of the digits is 666, derived as it is from the sum of 1:36, which is again, 6 X 6.

The "All Seeing Eye", being a singular EYE, is the Sun as its ultimate expression, or the Sun symbolized as going through the entire circle which makes up the appearance of a Precession through the Equinoxes.

Now observe how a "proof" is demonstrated using the Tools of the Craft, which we may call "Hermetic" or "English" Qaballa.

Symbols of the Illuminati - The All Seeing Eye

The primary goal is to seek into the nature of the design, and not into the nature of how the design is being used. First, establish the design. The corruptions to the design, and the corrosive elements opposed to the design become manifest. The truth is corrosive equally, hence the need to keep it submerged as much as possible.

We know that the All Seeing Eye, at its core construction, is referring back to the Sun. This can be further proved through the very words used to describe the All Seeing Eye as an Occult construct.

The key words are as follows:

SEE and

Notice again the nature of our design within the Speech (Isisian) Codes.

S is located at 3, and Y is located at 9.

Now observe how the Illuminati constructed the "ALL SEEING EYE".

The All Seeing Eye is an Isosceles Triangle. What is being crafted is a Gematria formula set into simple trigonometry.


In the words SEE and EYE, the Letter Y is 9 and S is the Square of 9. When you square the S of SEE, you get the result of YEE. This is simple re-ordered to EYE. When you solve for the square root of the Y of EYE, the result is the formula of ESE, which is re-ordered to SEE.

There is no mathematical disconnect from the words SEE and EYE. The two words are mathematically interlinked through either the squaring of S of SEE to arrive at a Y of EYE, or resolving the square root of Y, which is 9, to arrive back at the number 3, which is S, to form the SEE.

SEE = E(S^2)E = E(Y)E

Since we know that the "ALL SEEING EYE" is referring back to a particular Isosceles triangle, we solve for the hypotenuse of this triangle through the use of the numbers set within the Letters.

Since E is 5, we constructed the base as being of 10, which when divided by the perpendicular, resolves for each half of the base being that of the Letter E, or 5.

Here is where there is a twist.

The perpendicular has a length akin to 9, which is labeled as Y. But in this case, the Letter Y we know to be already squared from 3, so although it is labeled as a "Y" and represented with a length of 9, this is simply hiding the mathematical formula of SEE = EYE.

The hypotenuse is really and S, which when squared, arrives back at the Letter Y, and so the composite formula is given a code word of EYE.

To solve for the hypotenuse, we simply add the square of the base of 5 (E), which is 25, and add to that the square of the perpendicular, which is S^2 = 9 (Y),which provides a result that the hypotenuse is the Square Root of 34.

We now know the the base is 10, the perpendicular is 3, and now need to solve for the square root of 34, which is 5.83.

We simply add the 5.83+5.83 to arrive at 11.66.

From here, we have to refer back to the instructions as provided for in the Garden of Eden. If we have a pair of Snake Eyes showing, we must go to the "belly of the Serpent", and there we will find a pair of 6's (66).

We now make our transposition back to 66.66, which will provide us with a value of 6*6*6*6 = 1296, times the base of 10, to arrive back at our diameter in time of the Great Year of 25920, which is 25920, or the Letters LIFE.

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