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sâmbătă, 19 septembrie 2009

Suflete care ofteaza....

Of souls that sigh
There was a lake
near the edge of the sun
the fractured shimmers
dancing off its crystalline surface
pierced my eyes through
so i turned away for a moment
and there you were
standing behind me
your hand resting on my soul
i thought you were not real
but you smiled
and that little gap in the front
of your perfect teeth
made everything else seem
the wind blew from behind you
and your hair swayed to
its sensual rhythm
and i fell backwards
and drowned in desire
but was saved
by your longing
it was then that you kissed me
and i forgot
and in forgetting
you remembered
and while our lips touched
you whispered to my heart
wait for me,
i'm looking for us.
night fell with swift certainty
and you turned me around
to face the lake
your hands on my shoulders
your lips on my neck
dont forget
your mouth sighed its message
across my back
i sighed
and so did the wind
and the birds flying overhead
repeated 'wait for me'
so I did
and I AM.

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