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vineri, 11 septembrie 2009

Lectii de Intelepciune


Left for dead,
This worlds so bleak,
No power left inside,
Not even for me to speak,

Hurt so many times,
But never truly healed,
No you cannot see them,
My emotional scars are sealed,

Sometimes they ask me,
Have I always been this way?
It breaks my heart to answer,
But it is the truth that I must say,

No I have not always,
But probably will always be,
The darkness that dwells inside,

Is the living part of me,

I’ve kept it in for so long,
So much anger never let out,

Struggled with every tantrum,
Suppressing the urge to shout,

But the turning point is now,
You will not be my demise,
I will uplift my spirit,
And spring to your surprise,

No longer will you hurt me,
No more pain will I feel,
This day will end my sorrows,

And break that holy seal,

My emotions will flow with hatred,
And death you will meet,
Through this day of reckoning I have realized,

Revenge through success is sweet.

Revenge - Razbunare: Cat pot sa mai las sa creasca durerea in mine? Nu putem duce la infinit aceste rani. Nimeni nu e interesat de celalalt dezinteresat, fiecare incearca sa sape pe celelalt. Imi recunosc vina de a-mi alimenta ura dar nu mai vreau. NOT ANYMORE!


Whoever gives oneself to distractions
and does not give oneself to meditation,
forgetting true purpose and grasping at pleasure,
will eventually envy the one who practices meditation.

Let no one cling to what is pleasant or unpleasant.
Not to see what is pleasant is painful,
as it is to see what is unpleasant.
Therefore do not become attached to anything;
loss of what is loved is painful.
Those who have neither likes nor dislikes have no chains.

From pleasure comes grief; from pleasure comes fear.
Whoever is free from pleasure knows neither grief nor fear.

From attachment comes grief; from attachment comes fear.
Whoever is free from attachment knows neither grief nor fear.

From greed comes grief; from greed comes fear.
Whoever is free from greed knows neither grief nor fear.

From lust comes grief; from lust comes fear.
Whoever is free from lust knows neither grief nor fear.

From craving comes grief; from craving comes fear.
Whoever is free from craving knows neither grief nor fear.

Whoever has virtue and insight,
who is just, truthful, and does one's own work,
the world will love.

The one in whom a desire for the ineffable has arisen,
whose mind is satisfied
and whose thoughts are free from desires
is called one who ascends the stream.

Family, friends, and well-wishers welcome a person
who has been away long and returns safely from afar.
Similarly, one's good actions receive the good person
who has gone from this world to the other,
as family receive a friend who is returning.


If a person holds oneself dear,
let one watch oneself carefully.
The wise should be watchful
during at least one of the three watches.

Let each person first direct oneself to what is right;
then let one teach others; thus the wise will not suffer.
If a person makes oneself as one teaches others to be,
then being well-controlled, that one might guide others,
since self-control is difficult.

Self is the master of self;
who else could be the master?
With self well-controlled
a person finds a master such as few can find.

The wrong done by oneself, born of oneself,
produced by oneself, crushes the fool,
just as a diamond breaks even a precious stone.
The one whose vice is great brings oneself down
to that condition where one's enemy wishes one to be,
just as a creeper overpowers the entangled sala tree.
Bad actions and actions harmful to ourselves are easy to do;
what is beneficial and good, that is very difficult to do.

The fool who scorns the teaching of the saintly,
the noble, and the virtuous, and follows wrong ideas,
bears fruit to one's own destruction,
like the fruits of the katthaka reed.

By oneself is wrong done; by oneself one suffers;
by oneself is wrong left undone; by oneself is one purified.
Purity and impurity come from oneself;
no one can purify another.

Let no one neglect one's own duty
for the sake of another's, however great;
let a person after one has discerned one's own duty,
be always attentive to this duty.

Te invit sa savurezi un pic din intelepciunea celorlalti. Cat de multe putem invata doar datorita faptului ca altii ne pot impartasi jumatatile de raspunsuri la intrebarile noastre.

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